Seven life rules, learned during my seven different English classes

In one of the student's books we work with in Britanica English courses, children are introduced to Mother Teresa's life and mission. I remember her words well - "The best teachers are the children." because these words are time - tested and truly experienced. There are so many things I've learned from my students at school and now I am trying to follow because they proved to be essential and basic life lessons.

1. There is no difference between us and the child.

2. Being a grown-up does not necessarily mean to be standing over others.

3. The behavior of a child in school and kindergarten depends on his physiological condition and the growth of his body.

4. Nobody, neither a child nor an adult, likes to be given orders.

5. Nobody likes to be forced to do some work, even if it is pleasant, the constraint acts lead to negativism.

6. Everybody likes to have the chance to choose, even if this choice is not a wise one.

7. In the entire world there are not even two children alike, therefore there is not a perfect solution, working in all cases as a universal magical tool for everyone and everything. Tomorrow may require a new decision to be taken, but you have the experience to do that - it is not your first solution, not even your first time to have doubts. You are ready, aren't you?

We can not predict everything in our life. But we have to learn to live together and solve our problems together, in the very first seven, the most important years - together in the kindergarten. 


                                                                     Evgenia Gramatikova, Director, The Castle Kindergarten