Healthy and delicious food is provided for the children, one that provides children with their necessary nutrients- vitamins, minerals and fibers. “The Castle” works with one of the best certified children’s kitchens, its food products meet all quality and hygiene standards.

The children are provided with food five times a day:

arrow Morning breakfast;

arrow Two snacks - vegetables or fruit;

arrowLunch-the children may choose between first, second or may choose both; there are extra portions available;

arrow Afternoon snack;

Available to the little knights and ladies there is also a food corner, which is always supplied with vegetables and fruit that may be eaten any time the kids want. Our goal is creating a habit with the children so that they may get used to eating a lot of fruit and vegetables every day.

Here, in “The Castle” we stick not only to the healthy choice of food but to the aesthetic aspect as well. The children are kept in a pleasant environment (two kinds of tissues are used-fiber and textile, using a full set of cutlery), while learning to eat slowly and enjoying the food.