Health is the most important aspect to parents. Private Language Kindergarten The Castle provides daily medical examinations and control. Our consultation room is fully equipped. 

The specialist who takes care of your children, has considerable experience in pediatrics. 

Medical services:

arrow The nurse examines our children every day and organizes consultations with psychologists and speech-therapists if necessary.

arrow She manages hygiene procedures.

arrow She changes temperature and air humidity if necessary.

arrow She sees that a proper daily regime of activities and rest is observed.

arrow Schedules regular medical examinations.

arrow She examines our children every day. In case of disease, she takes strict measures, informs the parents and offers adequate treatment.

arrow The nurse conducts periodic medical examinations.

arrow She observes the activities and is always ready to react in case of an accident.

arrow The nurse creates a well-balanced healthy diet.

arrow She makes interesting presentations on healthy food, daily hygiene, safe games, and sport activities.