Open Days

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The story that came to life was The Black Bird and The Fox. We started to read the text together with the kids, because some of the words were pictures drawn on the board. So many objects with which we are accustomed have become interesting scenery 

(pretty crowns of trees have grown on our green kegglies, the tape was transformed into a terrifying hollow, our basket – into an old tree and we made our own nest using different natural materials). 

All kids helped with the speeches of the characters and experience the tricks of The Fox, the fear of The Black Bird and the courage of The Dog! We had fun with The Fox – extended in her selfishness. The Fox lodged her tail and split with "its splendid beauty "forever. 

There are so many lessons we can share with you experienced in the workshops:
Together - we can do much more.
Friends always help.
Who respects only the beauty - always lose.
When we can not cope alone - it is better to ask for help. 

Is it easier to tell stories and to deal with the different characters? We will see next week.