Open Days

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Everybody loves the celebration of courage and bravery - St. George Day. We are young but we know the legend of the character and the customs associated with the farm owners in Bulgaria. Many of the tales, short stories about knights and princesses who are rescued from the dragon, are

associated with St. George.We have studied some icons and different pictures of the Saint George. We visited St. George old church and felt the greatness of past victories, of ancient royalty spirit of Sofia.We had the chance to be in front of the Presidency Building and saw the changing of the Guard Army.

After the historical sightseeing we had cheerful music lessons in The Musical Playground. Everybody enjoyed the harp of wooden pipes and the musical water drum.

These are magic tools designed as swing. Water drum leaded us over the ocean of fantasy as a pirate ship - we could hear the waves and felt the sea storm. We sang songs and defeated the fierce pirate captain!

The underground phone - a music tube, was funny, too. We could talk to each other and made funny signs and signals ...

The tunes of the wooden harp, different timbre and the power of the music reminded us of knightly tournaments. Time flew away so fast… Tired of games and impressions we got to The Castle - our kindergarten.