Open Days



Castle kids sand

The Castle out for a sunny walk and games

We were extremely excited to visit the festival of "Sand Sculptures" and the children's festival "I believe in you" on September 29th, 2012 in South park Sofia. The walk in the autumn sunny weather combined with an unusual gaming experience and other interesting events was really great.

The kids were instantly attracted by the sand figures incarnating big and playful works of fantasy. They met some old friends and made some new ones named “Melba", "Summer", "Tree of life", "The clown with the sundial".

We had great time practicing yoga in the desert and recreating a real sandstorm. The children were really excited to try some of the yoga positions and the breathing exercises, which turned the whole performance into a cheerful animation for all the guests. This experience reminded us of the summer holidays and the seaside games.

Our little princesses and knights also learned an important lesson about etiquette - how to admire a piece of art.

Our journey in South park finished with games with the educational Twinkle Star toys, a meeting with performers of folk music and watching a football tournament.

Pictures from the activities are available on our Facebook page – here!