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Castle Halloween

Halloween celebration at The Castle

Celebrating Halloween with costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun for every child! Prior to the actual celebration for Halloween, the kids were invited to The Castle for carving pumpkins, making ghosts and brooms for witches.

Even their yoga lessons had strange exercises to be done – Magic Brooms, Bats and Cats, The Dark Cave.

The music classes were creepy, too. What classifies a tune as a Halloween song? It is sound. It is feel. It is unmistakable. Addams Family was incredibly reproduced by our children orchestra. It was magnificent!

The sandwiches for our Halloween breakfast were scary but healthy and delicious mummies. Our costumes, the mood and the traditional sweets turned the last day of October into an unforgettable event.

Pictures from the Halloween activities are available on our Facebook page – here!