We all are convinced that it is easy and natural to learn foreign languages ftom the age of 6 years. Our mission is to offer families a course in English for preschool children from 3 to 6 years old, combined with an avant-garde pedagogy and teaching method. In this context, the English language is used in a natural way as a language of communication between teachers and children. The Reggio Emilia approach is guaranteed as the best way to develop the child’s abilities. We believe our work proves that the early introduction to the melody of the foreign language is the best way it can be absorbed naturally.

Our team organizes daily activities in both languages - Bulgarian and English, encouraging the curiosity of the child in different situations. 

In the everyday schedule for the very young children( 3 – 4 years old) there are no separate lessons. The activities blend into one another and are based on the child's natural ability to play and be creative. 

The activities for the older children ( 5-7 years old) are focused on social skills , development and improvement of mathematical and logical thinking and all the preparatory skills for reading and writing . 

Creativity is the basic approach in our daily routine. Through various art projects / painting applications, modeling, collages, drama productions and conduct / the programme assists children to expand their worldview on the environment . Our teachers give examples and help children complete the projects but the children are given the freedom to make their own decisions and express their own views.