Mountain tours

We are happy to offer short mountain tours, during which children learn to navigate and understand nature. Studying a variety of skills required for a longer stay in the woods the children play in the open air. They participate in different games related to ecology and the environment. In these classes children learn practical skills to cope with people in difficult situations. They study the rules of behavior in nature and pick up useful tips to use in unusual situations (such as what to do in a thunderstorm, rain and mist, how to read the signs of Mountain Rescue Centre and Forest marking).

The first sessions are held in the Borisova Garden . After learning some basic knowledge our groups go to Vitosha Mountain for short hike-tracking tours. When we have picnics we prepare everything strictly by the rules of Nature and Etiquette (Correct packing, aesthetic value of offering food, healthy products, waste collection).

Early knowledge of nature and caring for our planet are not only modern educational topics but also useful for our children. As the children become more self-confident, they experience the pleasure of being useful and feel that it is up to them to take care of the beauty of our world.


The countryside is the place where nature joins harmoniously with the forgotten elements of the Bulgarian lifestyle. In the country we can see farm animals or listen to bird songs. We can taste the delicious cottage cheese and milk.

When we look to the nearby hill our eyes rest upon a herd of sheep grazing quietly. We can hear the cows’ bells or watch the creek and see what kind of animals have come to drink water - a flock of geese, donkeys and horses with their foals.

There is no better manual than what is before our eyes. There is no better experience than participation in real life - the feeding of poultry, saddling donkeys, milking cows, collecting eggs (at the moment we are just observing these farm jobs, but we’ll surely be able to do it next time!).

In those unforgettable hours we can feel the love of the land and the nature and learn - how modern machinery (new tractors, irrigation systems) can do more.